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Notice This is purely a cost estimate to give you an initial overview. The costs can vary depending on additional information and effort (e.g. elevator in the building, number of people, access, additional services, etc.).


Price calculation made easy

Costs in view: How much will moving house cost you? Let yourself be surprised! With the cost calculator you get an overview quickly. A few clicks and you know the price range.

Clear prices, clear performance

How many rooms do you want to move and how far is the distance? Based on this, we will give you an initial price idea. More rooms mean more things to move around with. Further routes cost more time and fuel. But that's not all. At Swiss Infinity Movers, we also take into account which floor you live on and whether you need help with the kitchen remodel. Extras such as parking bans, box packing or final cleaning influence the price. Don't worry, we'll clearly show you all the cost points. Because for us, clarity and quality are our top priority.

Get a final offer now

As you can see, calculating the costs of a move is not easy. We would therefore like to point out that the cost estimate you receive from our calculator is only to be understood as a guideline! In order to make you a final offer, we ask that you contact us and arrange a viewing of your property. This is the best opportunity to discuss the process and scope of the move. Alternatively, you can also start an online viewing! Either way, we ask you to send us a contact request. You can submit this at any time using our contact form. Or write us an informal email. Or give us a call! Swiss Infinity Movers looks forward to meeting you, your concerns and your move!